Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Catching Up

The thing about counseling is that you really don't learn how to do it until you are doing it - sitting in that chair across from that human being who is trusting you to do something helpful. That's when it all becomes very clear that you have no idea what you are doing! But it is really challenging and really fun. And the other counselors that you go to for guidance want you to succeed. That's worth a lot right there.

Mikel and I took the girls to Scarborough Faire Saturday. Mikel rented a kilt (he has the legs to pull it off) and the little one rented a Fairie costume, complete with wings. The not-so-little one and I opted out this year. We had a great time. The weather this year was sheer perfection. Didn't get to see the jousting as the little one and the not-so-little one have discovered shopping. They are becoming great consumers, let me tell you.

Just got back from the little one's school. Sang a song for the teacher (teacher appreciation day) and the kids performed choreography that I taught them. I have a tremendous appreciation for folks who can spend all day, every day with second-graders. Whew... I'm exhausted!
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Amanda said...

Hi, It's Amanda, BB's sister.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had actually been here to this site a time or two. Nice to meet you, and good luck with your counseling studies!